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Electrode Design for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Partnered with a biofeedback company, AKG was awarded a grant from DARPA for the development of an innovative EEG biofeedback device used to monitor Officer Readiness. This work included designing, fabricating, and plating Sterling silver electrodes. This electrode design was successfully encapsulated in a saline containment system that was wired into a reusable electrode array. The contract required extensive testing of electrode impedance and performance over a wide range of frequencies.

AKG developed an interface to simulate connection to a human head, and programmed a computer driven data acquisition system. This test system was successfully used to test the electrode interface by stimulating the electrodes in the frequencies of interest and by monitoring the voltage and current of the resulting waveform establish the baseline impedance of the electrodes.

Active Electrodes

AKG sells an active EEG electrode array to a European customer that requires a robust design in a very small package. This design incorporates a small surface mount PCB with a medical style snap. The custom designed wire maintains maximum flexibility with long flex life. The innovative approach to this design enabled this customer to bring their product from concept to market in 7 weeks.

Sensor Encapsulation

AKG has designed and fabricated molds for a world leader in sensors for sleep studies and apnea monitoring. These turnkey designs allow companies to use their internal engineering resources in a cost effective manner, and get their products to market quickly in rapidly changing markets.

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