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AKG supplies connectors and leadwires to a variety of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) in the medical and other industries. Our designs, based on the industry standard DIN 42-802 are found in clinics and hospitals throughout the country.

As a contract manufacturer, AKG supplies touchproof custom molded leadwires to OEM's using materials approved by the FDA for food contact. For some Customers with diverse product arrays and usage rates, AKG has agreed to build ahead of their requirements. Pre-stocking these critical subassemblies has enhanced AKG's ability to not only meet customer requirements effectively and on time, but empowers customers to enjoy a new degree of flexibility in rapidly changing marketplaces.

AKG also designs new products that require encapsulation of electronic components and sensors for a variety of industries. Our designs have found their way into wireless transmitters, impedance matching circuits and EEG feedback devices.

AKG specializes in the termination of tinsel wire, which uses space age textiles to achieve incredible strength, flexibility and flex life.

AKG designs, purchases and manufactures products integrating high strength materials that always meet or exceed customer's precise specifications; a prime example of which is our Military customers for wireless night vision assemblies.

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